Extracurricular Activities

Mind Hacking for Cognitive Performance (and Happiness)

We’re recently begun a series of mind hacking sessions (we’ve done five so far) introducing members to mindfulness and meditation techniques.

While you might think this has nothing to do with cybersecurity, our aim at Cybersecurity Advisors Network is to see our members as humans first and professionals second.

So our member services definitely cover activities which build team cohesion and support social interaction and personal development.

This may explain why we are seeing much higher levels of member engagement than might otherwise be expected from a professional services network.

As far as the meditation program is concerned, we’re relying on a rapidly growing and highly credible evidence base of neuroscience which validates the subjective experience of a calmer, clearer, sharper mind.

Here’s a short video of members’ experiences after a couple of sessions.

Use the contact form if you’d like to learn some effective new skills to manage stress and tune up your brain.