Sponsoring a Cybersecurity Advisors Network Event


Sponsoring a Cybersecurity Advisors Network event, initiative or annual program is a great way to put your name in front of a highly influential group of cyber security advisors.

In today’s crowded and noisy marketplace, it can be a powerful and cost-effective way of growing market share because you are engaging with the curators and recommenders of cyber products and services.

OPTION 1 – Ad hoc Sponsorship

Basically, the model we follow that works well for Cybersecurity Advisors Network and the sponsoring company is that we plan an event of mutual interest. 

Typically, the easiest to organise is a networking event with a guest speaker or panel discussion. Here are the main elements:

• The sponsor provides the venue and refreshments.

• Cybersecurity Advisors Network promotes the event through our membership and social media, and helps bring the audience – although sponsors are encouraged to invite clients and key team members.

• We jointly agree on the agenda; we suggest and provide guest speakers; the sponsor may sometimes provide a speaker but not from a sales angle, rather a technical person.

• The sponsor generally MC’s the event and can give a bit of background on their current priorities – though again, not a pitch (guests generally dislike pitches).

• The sponsor is obviously welcome to co-brand the event with Cybersecurity Advisors Network. We included sponsor logo etc on invitations and Eventbrite registration.

• We handle the registrations – sometimes the sponsors will help with the production of name tags – we send names and organisations data sheet 24 hours in advance.  

The Win/Win

The sponsor gains exposure to our membership and invited guests. It’s also a way of reinforcing your brand/key personnel by association with our thought leadership and international credentials.

In addition, you’ll receive recognition on the Cybersecurity Advisors Network APAC site, branding on any video or stills photography we undertake, and where newsworthy, the opportunity to participate in any press releases we may issue.

Cybersecurity Advisors Network gains a recruitment opportunity for new members and also delivers value to members through networking and content. This improves our member engagement and satisfaction.


The costs to the sponsor are simply the use of the venue, the drinks/catering, and some admin. support. Depending on numbers, this can range from AUD$1k-3k per event. 

Additional sponsors

From time to time, Cybersecurity Advisors Network may invite another sponsor to come on board for an event. This can help us raise some funds for future activities. But we’d only do this with your prior consent and with a sponsor who is not competitive with you in any way, rather complementary. It may even be an existing partner of yours. 

OPTION 2 – Long Term Engagement

We are also happy to explore a long term strategic partnership, typically a 12 month agreement. We undertake to run a minimum number of events including business breakfasts, boardroom lunches, networking events, professional development sessions, social events etc. The agreement sets out the sponsor benefits and commitment – platinum, gold, silver levels.